My sunroom “office.”

I am a huge believer in the portability of a notebook. I absolutely love my MacBook Pro. It’s my second one in 12 years and I enjoy having the option of sitting at my desk with a traditional monitor and keyboard set up or traveling to wherever I want and writing elsewhere. In just my home, I have four favorite spots I like to write and it all depends on my mood.

When we bought this house 17 years ago and saw the sunroom, we knew that it would eventually make the perfect kid playroom. In the five years before we expanded our family, this sunroom was a quiet, bright place with wicker furniture and plants. Then? It was a toy-filled haven for our three little ones. As they’ve grown, our kids are less interested in toys and more focused on their computers and books and now the sunroom has morphed again into a family office. I like writing here when the kids are home. Even though, sometimes, Bubba’s need to play the same song over and over and… over can grate on my nerves, I like being able to peek over my monitor and see what they’re up to, listen to their gaming battle plans, and enjoy the view of the trees behind our house.

Family room. Across from the TV.

Sometimes, though, I want to write but I also want to catch up on my Real Housewives of <Insert City Name Here> shows, so I’ll crash out on the sofa just a few feet away from the sunroom. When I’m on the couch, I’m in the mood to write or do a little research, but I’m OK with the distraction from the TV. My brain is only half-engaged and I’m good with that. If you find me sitting here, it’s typically in the early morning, on the weekend, before the kids are up. I’m slurping coffee, slouched down in my PJs, switching back and forth between Pages, Safari, and Mail. And shaking my head at the antics of the women on the screen.

Tyler’s grandmother made this tablecloth. Totes beautiful!

If it’s a rainy, cloudy, dreary day, then you’ll find me in my dining room. I’ll leave the lights off and work in the diffused glow from the sun behind the clouds. Once the kids are at school and I’ve done a bit of housework, I’ll usually take myself into the dining room to enjoy the rain, watch the neighborhood, and hang out with my cat. Just out of the frame, in front of the large window, is his bed. He’ll glance up at me from time to time, meow at me, squint his eyes, and go back to sleep. I like to think he’s checking up on my progress and making sure I’m staying on task. If I’m in here, then I also have my Frank Sinatra Pandora station on full blast because sometimes I want to write while being asked to fly to the moon with the Chairman of the Board.

This is my spot.

Lastly, I love being able to write outside. Even if it’s cold, I’ll come out in a sweater and a blanket, plop myself down, and get to work. I can still pick up our wireless signal from here so if I need to look up something on the Internet, I’m good to go. Most of the time, Macy is out here with me, hiding in the bushes next to the stoop, spying on the neighbors. If my gardenia plants are blooming, then I’m taking in big gulps of air, smelling them while I write. As a rule, I don’t like the outdoors because mosquitos. And heat. But in the spring and fall? I love this spot and I love writing here.

Where do all of you like to write or be inspired? Share with me in the comments!

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