Signed copy of “Recollections of a Future Ghost”


A signed copy of my book Recollections of a Future Ghost. Please let me know if you would like the signed book to be personalized for someone. If so, include the name and/or wording in the “Order Notes” field of the “Checkout” page. If you order more than one book and would like each personalized differently, again, let me know in that field. I’ll be mailing these out in time for the general public release date of October 31st, 2020. Thanks!


Investigating the paranormal is more about the living than it is the dead.

There’s life and there’s afterlife, and many believe nary the twain shall meet. Heather Scarbro Dobson isn’t one of them. From living and loving her family, both biological and chosen, and from her trust in science and what it illuminates about the paranormal, she experiences the intersection of life and afterlife, plus she chronicles them with living proof.

Recollections of a Future Ghost occurs from 2009-2015 when Heather acts as a founder member of Paranormal Georgia Investigations. After an initial year with only two investigations, PGI flourishes as they notch another 60 over the next five years and present annually at the world-renowned DragonCon.

Heather recounts personal stories of the ghosts she’s investigated and their living roommates who she tries to help. From experience, she knows no haunting is ever the same, each having both its own historical and immediate drama, all colored by the perceptions of those living with ghosts night after night.

If you wish to pre-order a signed copy of Recollections of a Future Ghost, please click the link/picture below. The book is $14.99 plus tax and $5.75 shipping and handling and will be sent out to you by the release date, October 31st, 2020.

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