Memoirs of a Future Ghost

Memoirs of a Future Ghost offers unique perspectives on paranormal topics—ghosts, UFOs, the Mothman, orbs—interspersed with empirical science tempered against agnostic beliefs with humorous undertones. One of those rare books I couldn’t put down.

~Larry Flaxman, renowned paranormal investigator and author of The Grid: Exploring the Hidden Infrastructure of Reality

Heather Dobson probes her fears while seeking out the paranormal, sharing the true, often freaky and/or funny, sometimes sad tales of over a decade investigating ghosts and the people haunted by them.  Through extraordinary occurrences in the everyday, she weaves a logical tale that death is nothing to be feared, that an afterlife exists, and though just like in life there’s a bad egg that gets all the press, most ghosts just miss their homes, their people, and their lives, and want to stay as close as they can.  

Memoirs of a Future Ghost is a love letter to the legitimacy of science, the joys of life, and the truth within the mystery of the after-lifetime ahead for us all.

If you wish to order a signed copy of Memoirs of a Future Ghost, please click the link/picture below. The book is $14.99 plus tax and $5.75 shipping and handling.

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