Give it a month, maybe two

*Dusting off the old WordPress Dashboard.*

*A cacophony of coughs ensue.*

*Swiffer duster just isn’t cutting it.*

*Gets out leaf blower.*

There! That’s better!

Did you notice? I updated the banner photo! And my social media connections! And my Gravatar profile…

You don’t care, do you? I get it. Because what you’ve really been waiting for is a book!

For you, it’s a book. For me, it’s been a labor of love, a child, a best friend, a burden, a pain in the arse, and many more things. But, most of all, it’s been a journey. When I started writing nearly three years ago, I figured I would have this book published in no time. I had no idea that it would become so much more than just a book. I had no clue that this book would be written during not only one of the most difficult times of my life, but also one of the most joyous. I couldn’t imagine that it would grow from 50,000 words to over double that size. My vision of the book went from a collection of short essays to a cohesive story.

And then, it took a 90-degree turn.

My husband, a lover of all things Star Wars and George Lucas, looked at me one morning and said, “You know, this book is long enough that you could break it up into two books and then write a third so that you would have a trilogy.”

At first, I scoffed at him.

And then, I got to thinking…

Why not?

As of this moment, Memoirs of a Future Ghost, a 25-chapter journey into the beginning of my life and days as a paranormal investigator, is in the design process. The edits are finished, the dedication and acknowledgements have been written, and the cover photographs are in the bag. Wayne Smith, my editor, has signed off on what I’ve written and Paige Brigman has captured the essence of my book in photograph form. Now, it’s up to Lindsay Starr and Jera Publishing to make this dream a physical reality that we can all hold in our hands.

I don’t have an exact publishing date. Right now, it’s looking like July at the earliest, August at the latest. But, before summer is over, you will have my book in your hands. Next summer, you’ll all be able to read Recollections of a Future Ghost and then the summer after that, Confessions of a Future Ghost. Like Mr. Lucas, I will be the proud parent of a trilogy.

Now that you’ve all been warned, save your pennies! Because your summer reading list is about to get longer by one book!

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