My name is Heather S. Dobson. Unlike President Harry S Truman, the “S” smack dab in the middle of my name actually stands for something, like my maiden name. I wish it stood for “sassy” or “smart” or even “swishy,” but, alas, it is a placeholder for my maiden name, “Scarbro.” I figured if was going to be an author, having a middle initial would make my name sound more impressive than without it.

I have been a paranormal investigator for ten years. With a background in physics and a very questioning/empirical mind, religious platitudes never cut it for me whenever I would ask, “What will happen to me when I die?” For many years, I existed on the distractions of late-night TV and science fiction novels and that worked until I had children of my own. Once I became a mother of three, I knew that I had to answer that question not just for me, but also for them. The hardest part of motherhood is someday telling your child, “Yes, sweetie, someday you will cease to exist. Would you like a cookie?”

Through my ten years of investigating the unseen things that go bump in the night, I have found my answers, and I have also lived through some interesting stories that I felt I had to share with the world. Thus, “Memoirs of a Future Ghost” was born one chilly morning in the cold November rain (with apologies to Axl Rose).

This blog will document my adventures as a first-time author trying to navigate editors, agents, and the publishing world. I hope you come along with me for this rather bumpy ride!